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How to Keep Your Company's Data and Information Safe

It’s 2016. Do you know where your company’s data are? Without strong security controls in place, your data could be anywhere...

Are You Eligible for a Dependent Care Tax Credit

Parents who pay for child care so they can work may be eligible for the dependent care credit, a federal income-tax credit. Are you eligible?

Four Advantage of a Second Home

Whatever the location, size, or value of a second home, certain tax advantages are built in. However, your opportunity to benefit from them depends on how you use the property.

How to Decide Between Taxable and Tax Exempt Investments

Suppose you are considering two investments. One is tax-exempt and the other is taxable. Which should you choose?

Ten Things You May Not Know About an LLC

You probably know of several businesses whose formal names end with the acronym LLC. And you probably also know that LLC stands for limited liability company. However, you may not know this.

What to do When Checks go Unclaimed

Maybe it was lost, or got tossed out. Maybe the dog ate it. However it happens, unclaimed wages (and other property, such as commission checks, shareholder dividends, checks to vendors, and unredeemed gift cards) create problems for businesses.

What You Need to Know about IRAs and Taxes

Tax deferral is a key benefit of investing in a traditional individual retirement account (IRA). But the tax law doesn’t allow indefinite tax deferral.

Why You Should Be Using Mobile Apps with QuickBooks

Mobile technology has erased the days of a 40-hour week when you can always check in on your phone or tablet. But this kind of 24/7/365 accessibility has numerous benefits.

Determining a Succession Plan for Your Business - Before You Need It

You’ve devoted time and money and poured heart and soul into building a successful family business. But do you have a succession plan? If not, you should.

Don't Miss Out on the Deduction for Telecommuting Employees

If you are one of a growing number of employees who telecommute, you may be eligible to deduct some of your home office expenses. But strict rules apply.

Four Life Events that Affect Your Taxes

If you have experienced any major life events discussed in this article,it may be a good time for some tax planning advice.

Four Ways to Control Business Costs

How can a business take control of costs? Increasing your profits requires selling more and/or spending less. While building up your sales may require an extended effort, business costs are often very ripe for a quick trimming.

How to Put a Value on Donated Property

If you're going to donate noncash property valued at more than $5,000 to a charitable organization, it often requires a qualified appraisal to meet the IRS guidelines.

Not all Home Renovations are Created Equally

Some improvements are likely to increase your home’s value while others may decrease potential buyers’ interest in your home. Learn which projects pay.

Tax Rules for Selling Inherited Property

If you inherited property from a parent or loved one, the time may come where you are ready to sell it. This can result in a taxable gain or loss. But how that gain or loss is calculated may surprise you.

Working With Your Accounts in QuickBooks Online

"Account" can mean more than one things when you're working with QuickBooks online. What's the difference between these meanings?

Better Budgeting Using QuickBooks Online Plus

Budget. The word evokes a sense of dread in most small business managers' minds. QuickBooks Online Plus offers tools that simplify the process.

Lock In Those Business Deductions

If you run a small business, you already have a full plate. The last thing you need is for the IRS to question any of your business expense deductions. But it could happen.

Protecting Your Company’s S Corporation Election

Like many business owners, you may have structured your business as an S corporation because of the tax benefits it offers. An S corporation provides the same limited liability as a traditional C corporation, but it generally avoids the double taxation associated with a C corporation.

Setting Up User Access in QuickBooks

Will multiple employees be working with your QuickBooks company file? You'll need to define their permission levels.

Tax­-smart Ways To Take Cash Out of Your Corporation

Owners of closely held C corporations are often interested in withdrawing profits from their companies in ways that minimize taxes. What are the options?
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